“To learn one must be humble. But life is the great teacher.”

James Joyce, Ulysses


Continuing Professional Development


Adult Guidance Information Officers

Information Officers

It is important for Adult Guidance Information Officers to have strategies and supports in place, in order that they may work effectively.  Meeting clients, often for the first time, in the Information Centre, means that the Adult Guidance Information Officer may receive a vast array of requests, questions and challenges to respond to.  Therefore, it is important that each Adult Guidance Information Officer receives professional support both from their colleagues and employer.



Strategies and supports could include:-

Contact with other practitioners in order to provide a good source of support in relation to client and practice issues;

Structured meetings with the Guidance Co-ordinator to discuss workload and other issues in relation to client work;

Organising time and work load as much as possible;

Recognising when clients need to be referred and making those referrals.



Can you identify any other supports and strategies which might be useful for Adult Guidance Information Officers?