“To learn one must be humble. But life is the great teacher.”

James Joyce, Ulysses


Continuing Professional Development



Induction 2


Induction involves introducing new staff to the structures, systems, people, values and ethos of an Adult Guidance Service. Induction is essential for giving newcomers the basic, background information they need about their job. Meeting colleagues, finding out about the various client groups and the local area, are all important in building confidence and giving people a good start.


Induction usually involves:

An introduction to adult guidance, its history, structures, personnel and its role within further education;

Orientation to the building(s);

Introduction to health and safety regulations such as emergency evacuation procedures, first aid and security;

Terms and conditions of employment to include information on grievance procedures, pensions, sick leave and holiday entitlements;

Introduction to adult educational guidance systems and procedures, handbooks, guidelines, quality standards and relevant legislation.


Effective induction has been shown to increase job satisfaction, reduce turnover and absenteeism and cuts down on the number of workplace mistakes and accidents.


Sample Induction Checklist


Employees Name_______________________



Carried out by



1. History & overview of adult guidance


2. Local and national structures


3. Roles and responsibilities


4. Mission statement and ethos


5. Orientation to site(s)


6. Facilities and amenities


7. Systems and records overview


8. Health & safety procedures


9. Evacuation procedures


10. First Aid


11. Security


12. Holidays


13. Sickness or absences


14. Leave entitlement




Add, delete, amend as required