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Toolbox Talks 2 - Working Well Together - The Kilkenny Experience

ING 19072 00299


This short film is set in Kilkenny and highlights inter-agency work between Kilkenny Adult Educational Guidance Service (Carlow and Kilkenny ETB) and the Kilkenny Department of Social Protection, together with their mutual clients. This resource provides an overview of the core components of inter-agency work which took place over two years. The film captures how two agencies formed a strong working relationship which benefitted their mutual clients.  The positive action steps the clients took and the resulting benefits to their individual lives may prove very useful to others in the future.



Some of the positive outcomes of the work of these two agencies include:-

  • An effective model of inter-agency collaboration which set out to support the client on their educational/career progression;
  • An inter-agency Protocol as a formal agreement ensuring consistency of understanding, information, communication and interaction;
  • Trust which was built between the two agencies;
  • A user friendly and time efficient referral form;
  • A transparent relationship between the client, INTREO and the Adult Educational Guidance Service;
  • Clients receiving a comprehensive and timely educational guidance counselling intervention;
  • Engagement of the client which fulfils their job seeking obligation;
  • A high level of compliance which satisfies DSP conditions;
  • Very low levels of DSP payment reduction or withdrawal.




A short film of the Kerry Adult Educational Guidance Service's experience (Kerry ETB) should be available on Toolbox Talks by the end of 2015