“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Albert Einstein




Developing Local Resources

local resources 3



Local resources complement both national and international resources.  There will be many adults who value what is happening in their local area/community right now and any opportunities that are open to them.  In developing local resources, it is important that they are well presented, attractive, accessible, up-to-date and most important of all, accurate.





When developing local resources, consider the following:-

Use a timeline calendar to note important dates such as grant applications, career fairs, or release of new prospectus;

Date documents so that you know how old they are and which is the most up to date version;

Information is out of date quickly so remove old documents and replace with up to date information;

Do not throw old documents out until you have replaced them with new versions;

Keep master copies of documents and highlight them ‘Master copy, do not remove’;

When developing factsheets locally, refer to national, public websites for the most up to date information to inform your factsheet;

Remember to use hyperlinks in your online resources, so that you are fully up to date.



Can you think of any other tips to add to this list?