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Albert Einstein




Individual Client and Group Resources

individual client and group





Resources can be used both in ‘one to one’ work and group work.  Clients may enjoy using a range of resources such as:  books, audio books, DVDs, on-line videos such as You Tube etc.  Equally, using resources as part of group work can stimulate the session and motivate those in the group. 





Resources for the Individual Client

Resources need to be tailored to suit individual needs bearing in mind the client’s age, interests and educational background   Follow-up is needed to check whether the client has all the resources they need and to obtain feedback on how useful they found the resources used. Encouraging a client to use resources between appointments can encourage the client’s autonomy and capacity to take ‘the next step’.  Independent research may be very valuable to the client and can be discussed at the next appointment. 

It is essential that key resources are visible and accessible so that clients are able to browse easily and are able to use all essential equipment and services.


Resources for the group

Check with the group on the usefulness of a particular resource.  It is only by doing this that you will learn what is really useful and what might or might not work for different groups.  What works with one group may not always work with another.  Adapting a resource to suit the needs of different target groups may prove helpful.



Can you identify any other things which might be important in resourcing the client and the group?