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Resources peopleWelcome to this section on Adult Guidance Resources. When we think about resources, we usually think about materials such as books or websites, but resources are much wider than that.

We, the staff are a resource to our clients and to our colleagues. Our clients act as a resource to us, filling in many of the gaps in our information and guiding us in finding appropriate solutions. Our communities are rich in resources such as libraries, Citizens Information Centres and local Partnerships.


Although we all share key resources, local Services may differ in the type of resources they have on offer. Demographics and local demands may differ; what is appropriate in an urban setting may not suit in a rural Service. We may need to develop or adapt our resources in line with changing needs or advances in technology. We also need to tailor our resources to suit the needs of our clients at particular points in their lives.

Most of all, we need to pool our resources to develop our Services and we need to ensure that all our resources are available and accessible to our clients and local partnerships. In our guidance and information work, we are conscious of providing our individual clients and groups with appropriate and timely information which is carefully chosen.  Perhaps the most important piece of information to share initially is an understanding of the concept of guidance and how each person may choose to engage with the guidance process.  Guidance for Life:  Adult Education, Career and Life Pathways is one of the ways in which we introduce guidance to our clients. 


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