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Types of Referrals

Types of Referrals

There are many types of referral, which may play a role in adult guidance.  Adult Guidance Services may receive referrals from outside agencies.  Referral may happen within the Adult Guidance Service itself.  Finally, the Adult Guidance Service may refer a client to another agency for help in a particular area, which may be outside the remit of the Adult Guidance Service itself.

To Adult Guidance

Adult Guidance accepts appropriate referrals from a range of different agencies within the community.  Examples of referrals to adult guidance include the Department of Social Protection (DSP), the Health Service Executive (HSE).

Within Adult Guidance

Referrals within an ETB/WIT usually involve the adult guidance target groups and are normally made between adult guidance information officers, guidance counsellors and adult education officers (including further education, community education and the Back to Education Initiative - BTEI). Adult guidance information officers refer clients to guidance counsellors, if it becomes clear that they need guidance rather than information.


Referrals are frequently made to external agencies such as the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and a range of other agencies and service providers. Adult guidance information officers will often refer clients to appropriate agencies for specific or additional information.





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