“Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”

Brené Brown


Record Keeping


Data Protection Checklist


  Yes No
1. Are clients aware of how their information is to be used Yes No
2. Do we obtain their consent for information to be passed to a third party Yes No
3. Are we sure that information is relevant and not excessive Yes No
4. Do we check our information for accuracy Yes No
5. Are we clear about any legal requirements to retain data for a certain period Yes No
6. Are we clear about who has access to records Yes No
7. Are we clear about the purpose and use of client’s data Yes No

Ethical Considerations

  • Have you informed the client that you record notes? How can you prove this?
  • Is the client aware that they can have access to their records under the Freedom of Information Act?
  • What can you do to help ensure that you can stand over your records in a court of law?
  • Could you provide your client with everything you have written down in relation to them or would a client be surprised or concerned about anything you write about them in your notes?