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Record Keeping


Record Keeping


Welcome to this section on adult guidance record keeping.  This section explores the importance of good record keeping and the use of a database as a key tool in providing a quality service to adult guidance clients.  Professional practice is supported by the records kept. Records should reflect interactions with clients and groups and every session, phone call, meeting and drop-in is important. Both the client’s plan and progression are informed by the records.  Good record keeping facilitates appropriate follow up and referral.


An example of record keeping using a database is the Adult Guidance Management System (AGMS) designed and developed by DES, NCGE and the Adult Educational Guidance Services to reflect good practice and record guidance and information activities. The AGMS can capture quantitative and qualitative reporting both nationally and locally.  Features include the gathering of information on ‘one to one’ client work, group guidance and information provision, together with continuing professional development (online booking, CPD descriptors, CPD historic record), local analyses and other guidance activity provision.