“The architect should strive continually to simplify; the ensemble of the rooms should then be carefully considered that comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty.”

Frank Lloyd Wright


Guidance Environment


Setting the Scene

Preparing to Welcome a Group



There are a number of areas which are important in setting the scene for meeting with clients. These include:  creating a space for positive social engagement; the physical environment, a supportive atmosphere and a spirit of co-operation.






Social - The social climate should be one of respect so as to enhance the client’s self-esteem and help build their confidence. It should facilitate empathic listening to the client’s concerns and hopes.

Physical - We need to create a comfortable environment which is welcoming, warm, private and quiet.

Supportive - The guidance climate should support the client in recognising their strengths and areas for development.

Cooperative - The guidance process is a cooperative enterprise between client and guidance counsellor in a climate which draws upon the knowledge they both bring to the guidance session.







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