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Ralph Waldo Emerson


Service Delivery


Principles and Ethos

Principles and ethos


Adult guidance service delivery is underpinned and informed by the Codes of Principles outlined in the National Guidance Forum Quality Guidelines  Such principles and ethos ensure that the individual needs of clients are met and respected.



The following represent key principles:-

  • Accessible: Accessible to the specified target groups and without barriers in relation to learning opportunities, location, information and guidance materials;
  • Appropriate:  to the client’s needs and stage of development;
  • Confidential: within an ethical framework and with an awareness of legal limits within the guidance process;
  • Equality of opportunity: promoting and demonstrating equality of opportunity in relation to adult education with an awareness of the requirements of equality legislation;
  • Impartial:, in order to safeguard the interests of the client;
  • Individual Ownership & Opportunity: provision of information on educational opportunities locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as appropriate, which best meet the client’s needs.
  • Integrated: clients are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for their individual choices and decisions;
  • Quality Standards and delivery:  agreed standards of delivery, professionally qualified staff, together with appropriate facilities and resources to meet the needs of the client groups;
  • Team Approach: adopting a team approach with education providers encourages the integration of guidance within adult education;
  • Transparent: The guidance process itself should be open and transparent. Guidance practitioners should explain to individuals in clear, appropriate language how they propose to work with them within the guidance process;
  • Complaints handling: Guidance Service providers should have a complaints procedure for clients and systems for obtaining client feedback.