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Organisational Structures






The Department of Education and Skills Further Education Section provides funding to SOLAS, who, in turn, fund adult guidance nationally. The Further Education Section liaises with SOLAS and NCGE in relation to adult guidance.  Both the Department of Education and Skills and SOLAS have direct access to the Adult Guidance Management System (AGMS) database for adult guidance local and national statistics, together with access to qualitative reporting.



  • Circular 70/2004 - Pay and Conditions for Adult Education Guidance Counsellors and Adult Guidance Co-ordinators (File Format Word 60KB) View File
  • Circular 15/2007 - Pay and Conditions for Adult Guidance Information Officers in the ETBs or Sponsor of Adult Guidance Projects View File includes appendix on Job Profile.

Hyperlinked files outline the specific job roles and responsibilities within Adult Guidance Services.

The main functions of the Department of Education and Skills Inspectorate are:

  • the evaluation of the education system;
  • the provision of advice in relation to the education system;
  • contributing to the formulation of education policy;
  • quality assurance in all areas of education and
  • the development of Departmental policy on Guidance.


The Department of Education and Skills Guidance Inspectorate works closely with NCGE.





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