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Organisational Structures




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Adult Guidance Services were formally established by the Department of Education and Skills under the National Development Plan within its Programme for the period 2000-2006 in response to the proposal in the White Paper on Adult Education ‘Learning for Life 2000'.



Setting up the Adult Guidance Services involved the co-operation and partnership of all the stakeholders, Services and staff at national, regional and local levels. These included the Department of Education and Skills, an Advisory Group of relevant stakeholders, NCGE, Managing Agencies and the Adult Educational Guidance Services (AEGS).

Defining Guidance
"Guidance facilitates people throughout their lives to manage their own educational, training, occupational, personal, social and life choices so that they reach their full potential and contribute to the development of a better society."

(National Guidance Forum 2007)

"Guidance refers to a range of activities designed to assist people to make these choices... "

Learning for Life:  White Paper on Adult Education (2000)


In the context of adult education these activities include: information; assessment; advice; counselling; teaching/careers education; placement; advocacy; feedback; follow-up; networking; managing and innovating systems change.  





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