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Organisational Structures


Policy Development

Policy Dev

The National Centre for Guidance in Education is an agency of the Department of Education and Skills. Its main roles are to support and develop guidance practice in all areas of education and to inform the policy of the Department in the field of guidance.  The Irish Euroguidance Centre is located within NCGE and forms one of the Centres comprising the international Euroguidance Network.  This is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme 2014-2020.  The Network aims to support guidance practitioners in promoting European mobility and the European dimension within education and training.


The White Paper Learning for Life, outlined the NCGE role in adult guidance i.e. NCGE co-ordinates the development of adult guidance on behalf of the DES/SOLAS and provides co-ordination and monitoring of:  

  • reporting activities and
  • service evaluation visits,
  • technical support, 
  • staff development,
  • support and in-service continuing professional development (CPD) in relation to the guidance programme.  


NCGE informs DES policy and strategy development, sets up and chairs sub-committees to advise and implement strategies for adult guidance.  NCGE is a member of national advisory groups relevant to adult guidance, such as The Intensive Tuition in Adult Basic Education (ITABE) National Advisory Group.

NCGE's role also involves the following:

  • Support of adult guidance nationally, in partnership with the DES, SOLAS, ETBs/WIT, adult guidance staff, external evaluators and other relevant organisations and agencies at local and national level;
  • Collaboration with DES/SOLAS and relevant organisations and agencies to set and review standards and service level agreements for guidance provision by adult guidance services;
  • Provision of advice as appropriate for adult guidance staff in relation to operational and strategic issues pertaining to quality guidance and information provision.  





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